Cartridge Filter Coleman Artesian Spa 7CH-322


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32 sq. ft. Coleman, Artesian Spa Cartridge Filter 7CH-322 FC-0420

  • Diameter : 7
  • Length : 8
  • Top End Cap: id/config : / semi-circular handle
  • Bottom End Cap: id/config : / 2male thread/MPT

The filter cartridge is used on the following spas:

  • Artesian Spas
    • Note: Original is 7-7/8 OD and 7-5/8 overall length.
  • Coleman Spas, OEM P/N 100520 or3301-2109
  • Master Spas
    • Note: Unicel 7CH-322 is a replacement for all Eco-Pur filtration systems if black stand pipe isremoved.
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