Cartridge Filter Hydro Imperialm Lowes Spa 4CH-24


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25 sq. ft. Cartridge Filter Hydro, Imperialm, Lowes Spa 4CH-24 FC-0131

  • Diameter : 4-5/8
  • Length : 9-3/4
  • Top End Cap: id/config : / molded cone handle
  • Bottom End Cap: id/config : / 1-1/2male thread/MPT

Used on:

  • Advanced Spa Design
  • Blue Ridge Spas
  • CTA Spas
  • Dream Maker Spas
    • Note: Remove pad adaptor (if present) from skimmer before threading MPT directly into suction fitting; 2000 to present w/LEDlights
  • Gatsby Spas
  • Heartland Spas
  • Hydro Spa
  • Mountain Meadows Spa
  • Mountain Mist Spa
  • Mountain Springs Spa
  • Mountain Stream Spa
  • Nemco
  • Icon Spas
  • Imperial Spas
  • LA Spas
  • Lowes
  • Lumi-O
  • Saratoga Spa

Note: Replaces any cartridge that has an MPT fitting or a 1.9 id w/ disposable adapter.

UPC: 690164228626


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