Temperature Sensor Jandy 2 Wire 1K 5089


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Jandy Temperature Sensor 2 Wire 1K for Ji2000 only 5089

Installation Instructions

  1. Turn off all power to the Power Center and make sure the pump is not circulating.
  2. The location of the water temperature sensor is between the pump and the filter (see Figure
    below). Drill a 3/8 hole on top of the pipe between the pump and the filter.
  3. Insert the Water Temperature Sensor in the hole drilled in step 2. Use the clamp provided in the
    kit to keep the sensor in place.
  4. Run the Sensor’s wire back to the Power Center.
  5. Inside the Power Center, remove the screws holding the PCB.
  6. Run the Water Temperature Sensor wire through a knockout in the bottom of the Power Center.
    Plug the connector into the WATER TEMP. SENSOR socket on the PCB. Use the wiring
    diagram on the inside of the door panel to locate the WATER TEMP. SENSOR socket.
  7. Replace the PCB Panel and the Dead Front Panel being careful not to pinch any wires.
  8. Restore power to the Power Center. Test the Water Temperature Sensor by turning the pump on
    and looking at the temperature display on the JI Series Control Panel.


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