Pentair Pool Cleaner In-Line Builder Valve Kit K12142B


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In-Line Builder Valve Kit Pool Cleaner made by Pentair K12142B

Vacuum Line Valve Kit

We strongly recommend the use of the automatic regulator valve for maximum safety andperformance. The valve automatically adjusts to changes in the amount of water flow toprovide Kreepy Krauly with the power necessaiy to ensure proper cleaning performance.

  • 1. Turn the pump off A
  • 2. Close the main drain and all suction lines, except the line to which Kreepy Krauly willbe connected.
  • 3. Thread the snap-lock wall fitting into the end of the dedicated vacuum line
  • 4. Install the automatic regulator valve (encased in the strainer guard) into the snap-lock wall fitting. See The Figure. Next, install the hose adapter into the end of theautomatic regulator valve. See The Figure Below
  • 5. Place Kreepy Krauly into the pool and allow it to sink to the pool floor. Continue to’ feed the hose vertically down into the pool until it is completely filled with water andpurged of all air.
  • 6. Remove the hose protector from the female/female hose section and connect it to the end of the hose adapter installed into the automatic regulator valve. See The Figure
  • 7. After completing the installation, turn the pool pump on. Allow the pump to run fora couple of minutes to allow any trapped air to cycle out of the system. Kreepy Kraulyshould be moving about the pool at a rate of 8 to 12 feet per minute.
  • 8. To set the proper speed of your Kreepy Krauly you need to manually adjust the valvefor the vacuum line (located at the pool equipment pad) until the valve body movesmidway into the yellow band. See The Figure


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