Pentair 1.5 in. Slip Ports Bermuda Vinyl Pool Skimmer 506420


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Bermuda Vinyl Pool Skimmer 1.5 in. Slip Ports made by Pentair 506420

Top performing skimmers for your pool and spa!

Pentair skimmers are engineered and manufactured to the highest standards of precision and quality to minimize installation time and maximize satisfaction.

Bermuda skimmers for vinyl-linedpools are engineered to provide the strength,performance and durability you can counton. With all the features you look for in anefficient, dependable skimmer, they are theperfect products for keeping water surfacesfree of debris.

Standard Features:

  • Heavy-duty, one-piece construction molded from ABS withsturdy external ribbing for superior strength
  • Extension throats have mounting flanges and snap fit fastenersto fit steel, fiberglass or plastic wall pools
  • ABS deck lid with textured, non-slip surface fits tightlyinto deck collar for added safety
  • Adjustable deck collar permits precise alignmentduring concrete deck installation
  • 1.5slip port connections
  • Large capacity basket provides easy removal of accumulated debris
  • Extra large top opening permits easy use of vacuumplates for automatic cleaners

Pentair Bermuda(TM) Top Performing Skimmer, 1-1/2 Inch Slip Port Connection, White, ABS, 12-15/32 Inch, 19-1/8 Inch Width, 22-3/4-24-1/2 Inch Height

Pentair Pentair
UPC: 788379608651


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