Hayward Combustion Blower 120V IDL2 Jakel IDXL2BWR1931


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Hayward Blower Control Board Kit IDL2 Jakel replacement IDXL2BWR1931

Used on all IDL heaters built after 9/20/04

  • Kit Part # IDXL2BWR1931
  • Replaces lDXL2BWR1930

This service kit is used when replacing a Jakel branded combustion blower on the |DL2 seriesgas heaters.This kit contains the newer version Fasco branded combustion blower.When replacing the Jakel combustion blower with the Fasco blower it is required to replace theadditional parts:

  1. Ignition control board
  2. Blower vacuum switch
  3. Associated gaskets
  4. Combustion blower transition sheet metal (2) pieces

Combustion blower sheet metal transition pieces (2), upper and lower. Transfer tube tittig from old transition piece to new one.HaywardBeginning with S/N (21)130701100532001 all lDL2 units are produced with the Fasco blower.The Fasco name will be substituted in the picture above for the Jakel name. On these units,only the blower motor needs to be replaced, using Part # lDXL2BWR1932.

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