Hasa Hi-Temp Spa Foam Out Down 1pt. 87121


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Hasa Hi-Temp Spa Foam  – Spa Foam Down Foam Reducer 1 pint 87121

Hasa Hi-Temp Spa Foam Out Down 1pt. 87121 Controls Spa Water Foaming

Whenever you are troubled with spa water foaming HI-TEMP SPA FOAM OUT will quickly and efficiently end the foaming problem. Just a very small squirt will end most foaming in the average spa. HI-TEMP SPA FOAM OUT can be used in all spas with fiberglass, vinyl, acrylic, Rovel, or plastered surfaces and can be reapplied as often as necessary.Bathers may return to spa immediately.Hasa Hi-Temp Spa Foam Out Down 87121 pint bottle of HI-TEMP SPA FOAM OUT comes with a dispenser spout for easy use.Proper spa maintenance includes changing spa water. For an estimate of proper water life follow the formula below:Divide the gallons in your spa by 3 times the average number of bathers per day.Example: 375 gallon spa – 1 person x 3 = 3375/3=125 (change water every 125 days) 

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