CMP Fiberglass Pool Spa Suction Main Drain 25215-000-000


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Fiberglass Pool SpaSuction Main Drain made by CMP 25215-000-000

  • Face Diameter : 6 in.
  • Length : 2.5 in.
  • Type : Suction, Main Drain
  • Style : 2 in. Slip
  • Color : White
  • Material : Plastic

175 GPM Fiberglass Pool suction VGB-2008 Compliant.WARNING: When using two or more suction fittings on a common suction line, suctions must be separated by a minimum of 3 ft or theymust be located on two different planes (i.e., one on floor and one on the wall).WARNING: Do NOT locate suction outlets on seating areas or on backrests for such seating areas.The maximum flow rating for this suction fitting is 175 GPM. This suction fitting is designed for installation on side wall or floor of portablespas, hot tubs, or pools in conjunction with at least one other suction fitting per pump. DO NOT adapt suction fitting to any pipe sizesmaller than ASTM 2 SCH 40 PVC. Suction fitting and fasteners should be observed for damage or tampering before each use. Missing,broken, or cracked suction fittings shall be replaced before use. Loose suction fittings shall be reattached or replaced before use. Mountsuction fittings on the walls, in the foot wells of portable spas,,hot tubs, or pools. Do not mount directly under seats. Follow all winterizinginstructions and recommendations of your pool and spa professional. Open area of the suction cover is 12.88 sq. in. INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS

  1. Using hole saw, cut/drill the installation hole.
  2. If optional gasket is used, gasket must be placed How (GPM) around threads of suction wall fitting at this time.
  3. Place threads of wall fitting through hole from the inside (water side) of tub/pool.
  4. Install nut from dry side of tub onto the threads ofthe wall fitting.
  5. Using torque wrench, torque nut to <44.0 ft. lbs.(60Nm)
  6. Verify that the suction cover is properly tightened and secured with stainless steel screw.

NOTE: If silicone is used on fitting, verify that silicone iscompatible with ABS and PVC plastics.CAUTION: DO NOT over-torque fitting. Excessive torquecan cause premature failure of threads or damage to suctionfitting increasing risk of entrapment.NOTE: In the event that one suction outlet is completely blocked, the remaining suction out|et(s) serving that system MUST have a flowrating capable of the full flow of the pump(s) for the specific suction system.NOTE: Increasing size of the pump may increase flow rate of suction beyond rated safety limits causing entrapment or death.CAUTION: Hair or body parts blocking the spa or pool suctions may become trapped and held against the suction fitting. Entrapmentagainst the suction fittings can result in drowning or other severe injury. Never sit on or lean up against suction fittings. Never exceedthe maximum allowable flow rate stated on the suction fitting. The suction fitting and fasteners should be inspected for damage ortampering before each use of the facility. Missing, broken, or cracked suction fittings shall be replaced before using this facility. Loosesuction fittings shall be reattached or replaced before use of this facility.CMP

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