Aladdin Vac Master Complete Center Nipple 780


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Vac Master Complete Center Nipple madle by Aladdin 780

Vac-Master is commonly used as a conventional skimmer on skimmers that are not designed for a skimmer basket.

The Locking VAC-MASTER can be used when vacuuming, as a- conventional skimmer plus the locking lid feature allows the VAC-MASTER to work with automatic pool cleaners. The VAC- MASTER works by inserting into theskimmer. and attaching the vacuum hose.

The VAC-MASTER has a clear lid which allows easy access to remove collected debris while allowing the skimmercontinuous operation with the cleaner.

VAC-MASTER can save valuable time by catching all large debris for easy removalat the skimmer rather than at the filter.

  • No: 780——-Complete Assembly
    • Center nipple-for American Products, Anthony 8×8 and every conventional skimmer.
  • No: 781——-Complete Assembly
    • Offset nipple: for Swirnquip U3, Jacuzzi, Hayward, Swimrite, Pac Fab, etc.
  • No: 782——-Lid Only
  • No: 783——-Body Only (center nipple)
  • No: 784——-Body Only (offset nipple)


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