Pentair AmerBrite AmerLite Color LED Lamp Bulb 120V 602065


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602065 AmerLite Color LED Lamp Bulb 120V AmerBrite made by Pentair

LED Replacement Lamp for Amerlite Light SeriesUpgrade to the Elegance of Underwater LED LightingAmerBrite LED lamps add the efficiency and luminous splendor of LED technology to the best-selling Amerlite light series. The convenient Edison screw base gives you a simple ‘plug and play’ replacement for your current Amerlite incandescent bulb. Simply unscrew your inefficient high-wattage incandescent bulb and replace with the brilliance of an AmerBrite LED lamp.FeaturesThe most efficient LED replacement pool lamp on the market.AmerBrite color lamps use 36 watts of power, while white lamps use between 34-51 watts.Color lamps feature 5 brilliant fixed colors, 7 dazzling pre-programmed light shows.Lens can be rotated 180 degrees to provide wide or narrow beam pattern.Superior reflector design creates more uniform light distribution.LED technology provides longer life.Solid-state technology with no internal filament.The only UL and cUL Certified LED replacement lamp for Amerlite incandescent fixtures.Available in 120v or 12v versions.Fully compatible with Pentair IntelliBrite 5g Color-changing Underwater LED Lights, GloBrite Shallow Water LED Lights, ColorCascade LED Light Bubblers and MagicStreamLaminar color-lit water features for added drama.

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