Jandy Air Pressure Switch R0302000


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Jandy Heater Air Pressure Switch R0302000

Used on the following models:

  • EHE 220-350
  • HJ350
  • LX/LT 250-400
  • RSH 250-400

The images (click images to enlarge them) below give information for replacing the air pressure switch on all LX/LT, rsh, and Hi-E2 EHE and HJ model pool/spa heaters.All RSH and Hi-E2 HJ heaters present a simple like for like replacement and should not need detailed instructions.Later models (built in 2004 or later) of the LX and LT and the Hi-e2 EHE also present a simple like for likereplacement and should not need detailed instructions.Although it appears different, the pressure switch enclosed in this kit is functionally the same as the pressure switch on the earlier models of LX and LT and the Hi-E2EHE. These models will require some modification in order to mount the pressure switch as explained in the following instructions(click images to enlarge them).

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R0302000_instructions R0302000_instructions
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R0302000_instructions R0302000_instructions
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