D.E. Swimming Pool Filter Powder 10lbs DE10


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Diatomaceous Earth DE10

DICALITEDiatomite functional fillers are produced from diatomaceous earth, a versatile and valuable raw material.Cleaning of all swimming pool filters is simple and easy. Depending on the type of filter , merely remove the screen and scrape off the used filter cake, or backwash the used cake to waste by properly operating the valves.Precoat: Add Dicalite diatomite Swimming Pool Filter Aid after cleaning the filter. Make a slurry by adding the correct ammount of filter aid to a pail of water. Stir a few seconds untill all the filter aid is dissolved. Precoat by pouring the filter aid slurry into the skimmer.Filter Area Ft2 : Filter Powder Pounds : Dica-Scoop Full Measure : 1-Pound Cofee Can*5ft2 : 1lb : 1 level scoop : 2 cans10ft2 : 1.5lb : 1.5 scoops : 3 cans24ft2 : 3.5lb : 3.5 scoops : 7 cans36ft2 : 5lb : 5 scoops : 10 cans50ft2 : 7.5lb : 7.5 scoops : 15 cans75ft2 : 11lb : 11 scoops : 22 cans* a 1-pound coffee can holds approximately one-half pound of diatomite.NET WEIGHT 10 LBS.

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