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Booster Pump Polaris Shaft Seal P55 PS-1000


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Shaft Seal for Polaris Booster Pump P55 PS-1000


  1. Disassemble pump cavity to expose defective seal. Removal of old seal andinstallation of new seal requires careful operations and precautions.CAUTION: Lapped and polished faces of new seal are easily scratched anddamaged. PROTECT FROM DAMAGE, DIRT and FINGER PRINTS.
  2. Carefully remove old seal head and seat taking care not to scratch shalt or seatcounterbore. NOTE HOW OLD SEAL IS ASSEIVIBLED. BE SURE REPLACEMENT SEAL IS INSTALLED IN IDENTICAL MANNER.
  3. Clean shaft and counterbore surfaces using fine emery cloth or equivalentRemove rust, burrs, and wipe clean.
  4. Shaft, seat counterbore and rubber members of seal head and seat should belubricated with a lubricant compatible with the seal elastomers. U.SSEALUBE is recommended and available from US Seal. U.S. SEALUBE is aWATER BASED formula specifically designed to lubricate rubber making theinstallation of mechanical seals fast and easy. It provides a high degree oflubricity to all rubber components. It maintains its wetness for a short period oftime allowing for easy installation of a mechanical seal. NEVER use PTFE orSILICONE based lubricants.
  5. Check seal surfaces to be sure they are free of any dirt, grit or lubricants.
  6. Press seal seat firmly into counterbore to be sure it is bottomed square. SLIDESEAL .HEAD ALONG SHAFT MAKING SURE THAT SPRING ISCORRECTLY ENGAGED INTO SEAL.
  7. Re-assemble pump and remember that trouble free operation of a pumpincludes making a correct seal installation.

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