Allied Innovations 10 min Control MM-1TD-99 120V 1HP 910530-001


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Control MM-1TD-99 10 min 120V 1HP without Button made by Allied Innovations 910530-001

The MM-1TD-99 is a jetted bathtub control with an air-actuated On/Off switch with a 10-minutetime delay to Off. The optional Water Level Sensor may easily be added for water levelprotection.

Input Service Ratings

  • 120VAC,
  • 1 HP,
  • 50/60 Hz,
  • 2 Wire Plus Ground
  • 16AMP maximum running load.

Each push of the air button cycles the equipment On or Off. The time-delay module willautomatically cycle the equipment Off after 10 minutes.

Power Supply


Typical Installation


Phisical Placement


Note: Ground connections are not shown and vary with installation.Caution: Use Copper Conductors only. Do not lubricate relays.

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