Allied Innovations 10 min Control 120V 1HP TF-1TD 910820-001


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Control Jettub Switch 10 min 120V 1HPmade by Allied Innovations TF-1TD 910820-001

TF-1TD 120V, 15A, 1.0HP

The Allied innovations TF-1TD is a solid state on /off air switch with a built in 10-minutetime delay feature. The unit plugs into any standard household wall receptacle. Any 120 volt, 1hp pump can be plugged directly into the TF-1TD. Pressing; the air button initiates a 10-minutetime delay, after which the control automatically tums off. The air button can override timedelay and shut motor off prematurely.Water Level Sensor:With the installation of the Water Level Sensor, the TF-1TD is inoperable until the tub is filled tothe proper level. This feature will totally eliminate pump burnout and water damage incommercial installations.Note:Ground connections are not shown and vary with installations.

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